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The Split Screen Strategy: Innovation + Improvement

Ted Kolderie argues in his new book: education policy is stuck in a faulty
theory of action, trying to drive change into an inert system rather than
working to change what makes K-12 an inert system.

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A Minnesota teacher took initiative to reimagine what "school" could be.
His students seem engaged, and are performing highly.

But can his innovation spread in our current education system?
Will it even survive?

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About Us

We work to convince people that the effort to improve education should focus on motivating students and teachers, by creating radically different ways for young people to learn and for teachers to work.

Earlier, we were closely involved with the development of chartering. Currently we're emphasizing the need for innovation with learning.

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In teacher-powered schools, how does accountability work if there’s no single person in charge? How can a group be held accountable? Ted Kolderie recalls the advantages of group accountability over single-leader accountability he learned first-hand during his time in the military.

In November, 2014 the U.S. Department of Education proposed a set of priorities, requirements, and criteria for the federal charter grants to state education agencies. Here is the response of three senior E|E associates, to that proposal.

Through the eyes of a 10-year old, find out what it's like to learn, fail and have fun in a classroom where technology and gaming promote individualized learning.

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