We work to turn public education into a self-improving system, where policy enables innovation, teachers lead the learning, and schools break from traditional givens.

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Teacher teams gather in Minneapolis for first Teacher-Powered Schools Conference November 11, 2015

Over 220 educators from 23 states gathered in Minnesota last weekend for the first annual Teacher-Powered Schools conference. Teacher teams from both the district and charter sectors shared lesson learned about collaboratively designing and running all aspects of their schools.

E|E members to speak at Innovative Schools Network conference in Wisconsin April 15, 2015

Tim McDonald will be giving a keynote April 29th on creating environments for innovation to flourish. In addition, E|E's Johnson and Wedl will lead a panel discussion on Split Screen strategy as an essential policy tool.

Lessons on accountability from experiences in the Army March 16, 2015

In teacher-powered schools, how does accountability work if there’s no single person in charge? How can a group be held accountable? Ted Kolderie recalls the advantages of group accountability over single-leader accountability he learned first-hand during his time in the military.

Recent Publications

Reimagining Teacher Preparation: An Invitation to Create New Programs for Changing Teacher Roles Report · October 2015

Teaching is the number one in-school factor affecting student outcomes. And a central part of the strategy for improving teaching involves better teacher preparation. With this report, we present our own contribution to that effort: we highlight essential elements and best practices for a new, different, and we believe better, teacher preparation program.

The Split Screen Strategy: How to Turn Education Into a Self-Improving System Book · September 2015

For three decades now, the course of action has been to accept the system as it stands and to push its schools and teachers to deliver ‘better performance’. Perhaps not surprisingly, that effort to get an inert system to do-better has not proved an outstanding success. The theory of action should instead be to turn public education into a self-improving system.

A Framework for a Taxonomy of Schools Report · August 2015

Much of the discussion about 'what's working' suggests that students learn because the school is district, charter, parochial or whatever. This is bizarre. Clearly, students learn from what goes on in the school; from its curriculum, pedagogy, materials and teachers. This report begins to sketch a taxonomy that gets at these more meaningful school properties.

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