We work to turn public education into a self-improving system, where learning is student-centered, teachers lead the learning, and policy opens to these innovations.

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Judge Cites MN Board of Teaching for Contempt Over Alternative Teacher Licensure Program July 18, 2016

On July 1, 2016 Judge Bartsh found the MN Board of Teaching in contempt of court for failing to issue alternative teaching licenses. The ruling shined a spotlight on the challenges that out-of-state teachers face with obtaining a license.

USDE, MDE begin to lay out new state accountability rules June 27, 2016

On May 31, 2016, the USDE released draft ESSA regulations that gave clarity for state accountability plans. Where is Minnesota in the process and what does this mean for chartered schools?

Charter School Innovation Awards Criteria Set June 21, 2016

The Minnesota Association of Charter Schools invites all Minnesota charter schools to apply for the first Charter School Innovation Awards Program—created to showcase some of the most innovative practices being used in the state's charter schools. The Innovation Awards carry five $1,000 cash awards.

Authorizer ranks thin as state plays more active role May 12, 2016

From 50 authorizers in 2009, to 24 today: Why the drop in organizations willing to serve this critical role, and what does the drop mean for the future of chartering in Minnesota?

Recent Publications

Minnesota Legislature Creates Teacher-Powered Schools Grant Program Memo · June 2016

On June 1, Governor Dayton signed HF 2749 into law—a supplementary appropriations bill that included $500,000 for grants to groups of teachers to design and plan “teacher-governed” schools within school districts.

Teacher-Powered Leaders Meet With Secretary King: A Reflection Blog Post Article · June 2016

On May 18, two of our teacher-powered ambassadors sat down for tea with U.S. Secretary of Education, John King to discuss teacher leadership. One of those teachers, Jeff Austin, summarized their conversation in this post on the U.S. Department of Education blog.

Our Working Definition of Student Achievement and School Quality Memo · May 2016

Having good definitions of the terms "student achievement" and "school quality" is important in our nation's quest to improve public education. But the two terms are often defined too simply, too narrowly, too controversially. This working memo puts forth our own deeper and broader definitions of these two important terms.

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