We work to turn public education into a self-improving system, where learning is student-centered, teachers lead the learning, and policy opens to these innovations.

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Update on Development of Minnesota’s New ESSA Accountability Plan September 21, 2016

Work on Minnesota's new state accountability plan, as required under ESSA, continues. Questions remain around which school quality/student success indicator(s) will be chosen, what weights will be assigned to all indicators, as well as how graduation and dropout rates will be measured.

Comedian’s Controversial Piece Highlights Importance of Strong Charter Authorizing September 1, 2016

On August 21, John Oliver did a controversial segment that attacked chartered schools and some states' charter authorizing laws. He failed to celebrate the work that several states have done, including Minnesota, to strengthen authorizers and authorizing processes within the state.

Chartered schools struggle to find appropriate facilities August 24, 2016

Nationally, as well as in Minnesota, chartered schools struggle to find and secure appropriate facilities. Many philanthropic and business groups have begun to recognize the lack of appropriate charter facilities as a significant problem, and are lending their resources accordingly.

Publications & Events

EVENT: Education Reimagined on Paradigm Shift Toward Learner-Centered Education

Join us Thursday, October 13, for breakfast with Kelly Young, Executive Director of the DC-based Education Reimagined. Hear about their work to shift the paradigm in American education toward learner-centered learning—that is, learning that is personalized, relevant, socially-embedded, competency-based, and open-walled.
School District Innovation Hub Web Resource · September 2016

A new section of our website with resources on Minnesota state policies that can help enable school districts to innovate with learning. Includes info on site-governed schools, the new teacher-governed grants program, and more.

Commentary: In the Strategy for Public Education Chartering Can Drive Innovation Article · September 2016

Where exactly does chartering fit, in the strategy for public education? Across America that question is rising, as in a number of big cities the charter sector gets larger and as the local districts are losing enrollment. In this commentary in the StarTribune, Ted Kolderie looks at four current answers to the question—and suggests a fifth, more practical answer.

Teacher-Powered Leaders Meet With Secretary King: A Reflection Blog Post Article · June 2016

On May 18, two of our teacher-powered ambassadors sat down for tea with U.S. Secretary of Education, John King to discuss teacher leadership. One of those teachers, Jeff Austin, summarized their conversation in this post on the U.S. Department of Education blog.

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