We work to turn public education into a self-improving system, where policy enables innovation, teachers lead the learning, and schools break from traditional givens.

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Chartering after 25 years April 11, 2016

MN was first to approve school chartering as a strategy for improving public education—this less regulated sector was to provide a space to try innovative strategies for teaching, learning and school organization. Now, 25 years in, we thought it helpful to provide a 10,000-foot overview of the sector today.

Now comes the hard part: next steps with the charter integration lawsuit April 1, 2016

In the aftermath of the knockdown of the proposed rule that would have swept charter schools into the regulations on desegregation, it would be easy for the chartered sector to breathe relief—consider the matter closed. That would be wrong.

MDE’s attempt to pull charter schools under its integration rules rejected March 29, 2016

Charter school advocates were relieved this week after an administrative law judge confirmed that attempts at regulation exceeded the executive branch's authority.

New blog series: Spotlight on Chartering March 25, 2016

This week we at Education Evolving begin a multi-pronged effort to help Minnesotans and others interested in the evolution of school gain a broader understanding of the role chartering is playing in improving public education in 2016.

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District Public Schools + Chartered Public Schools Memo · March 2016

Public education now has two sectors: a district sector and a chartered sector. Chartering—and this two-sector arrangement in general—needs to be thought of as a strategy for change, not just a set of schools. Given flexibility, the chartered sector can and does generate the needed innovation, the necessary improvements in learning.

Reimagining Teacher Preparation: An Invitation to Create New Programs for Changing Teacher Roles Report · October 2015

Teaching is the number one in-school factor affecting student outcomes. And a central part of the strategy for improving teaching involves better teacher preparation. With this report, we present our own contribution to that effort: we highlight essential elements and best practices for a new, different, and we believe better, teacher preparation program.

A Framework for a Taxonomy of Schools Report · August 2015

Much of the discussion about 'what's working' suggests that students learn because the school is district, charter, parochial or whatever. This is bizarre. Clearly, students learn from what goes on in the school; from its curriculum, pedagogy, materials and teachers. This report begins to sketch a taxonomy that gets at these more meaningful school properties.

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