Report · May 2021

Highlights from our work in 2020—in the areas of thought leadership, policy advocacy, and educator networks.

Guide · March 2021

A guide for educators who are implementing personalized, competency-based programs and want help navigating Minnesota's laws, regulations, and reporting requirements as they do so.

Report · September 2020

This paper makes the case to grow the teacher-powered movement through a review of academic research and a deep dive on several teacher-powered schools.

Report · June 2020

In this paper, we explore why heritage language matters, the state and federal policies that support heritage language instruction, the learning programs leading this work, and the challenges heritage languages programs face.

Report · May 2020

Highlights from our work in 2019—in the areas of thought leadership, policy advocacy, and educator networks.

Report · October 2019

How innovative teachers are radically changing the ways schools are designed and run. The how here are the common leadership practices, structures, and processes teacher-powered teams design and use daily.

Memo · June 2019

Based on extensive stakeholder engagement, we identified nine areas that we recommend the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) strengthen or add when drafting Minnesota's new teacher standards.

Report · March 2019

A guide with reflection questions, conversation starters, and tips and tricks from expert teacher-powered administrators.

Memo · January 2019

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding competency-based education, including a thorough definition of CBE, its advantages over traditional approaches, the role of teachers, and legislation to enable and support CBE.

Report · October 2018

A review of the outcomes that researchers and communities identify as important for student success—and possible strategies for measuring them. Plus, a vision and next steps for educators and policymakers wanting to move forward.


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