We advance student-centered learning for all students, by supporting teachers designing and leading schools, and by advocating for policy that is open to innovation.

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Will Minnesota Apply for ESSA’s Innovative Assessment Pilot? March 13, 2018

On January 3, the US Department of Education issued a notice informing states that they can apply for the Innovative Assessment Pilot, part of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act. Four states told USDE they are interested in applying to participate in the Pilot. Is Minnesota one of them? And why aren't more states applying?

MN Sees Record Graduation Rates, But Are More Students Prepared for College & Career? March 6, 2018

Last week, the MDE released the four-year graduation rates for the class of 2017, which reached a new statewide high of 82.7 percent overall. That said, when the graduation rates data is examined in conjunction with other data points the success story becomes more muddied and raises the question: Do increasing graduation rates mean more students are doing more rigorous and higher-level work that prepares them for college, career, and life?

Understanding Outcomes of Student-Centered Learning February 20, 2018

Last year we engaged in a visioning process to describe what we mean when we say “student-centered learning”. So, what’s next? This work has given rise to a new question: what learning outcomes and indicators would measure whether student-centered learning has been successful?

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Evidence for Student-Centered Learning Report · January 2018

The design of America’s schools needs to shift from adult-centered and standardized to student-centered and individualized. This report examines the academic and historical research that supports the need for the transition to student-centered learning.

A Guide to the Charter Sector of Minnesota Public Education Report · November 2017

In its first twenty-five years, the charter option has spawned a vibrant and growing second sector of public education in Minnesota and around the country. This report takes stock of the sector, and looks at innovations across Minnesota's chartering landscape.

2017 Innovation Zone Law FAQ Memo · October 2017

A 2017 law allows districts and charter schools in Minnesota to form an innovation zone in order to try new approaches to learning that will raise student acheivement. The law provides flexibility from state law and rule to try those innovations.

Clearing Policy Barriers to Student-Centered Learning Report · October 2017

A comprehensive review of barriers in Minnesota state policy faced by educators innovating with student-centered learning, and recommendations for removing those barriers.

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