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USDE Approves MDE's ESSA Plan. What's Next? January 11, 2018

On January 10th, Secretary DeVos notified MDE that their ESSA accountability plan has been approved. However, just because MDE’s plan was approved does not mean that their work is done. Rather, MDE has formed a new stakeholder Committee in order to gain input about future improvements to the plan and will have to implement the plan starting in the 2018-19 academic year.

Minnesota’s Growing Special Education Teacher Shortage: What to Do? December 19, 2017

The shortage of Minnesota teachers with special education licensure is particularly problematic given the increasing use of special education services statewide. Read about how some programs in the state are trying to rectify it.

MN Forecast Projects $188 Million Deficit; Special Education the E-12 Cost Driver December 14, 2017

Last week, the Minnesota Management and Budget Office released the November Forecast for the state, which showed a $188 million projected deficit. While the deficit is hardly a cause for concern, the rising costs of special education services is. Education Evolving has long contended schools can use intervention frameworks to reduce the rate of special education-identified students. Read here to learn more.

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2017 Innovation Zone Law FAQ Memo · October 2017

A 2017 law allows districts and charter schools in Minnesota to form an innovation zone in order to try new approaches to learning that will raise student acheivement. The law provides flexibility from state law and rule to try those innovations.

Clearing Policy Barriers to Student-Centered Learning Report · October 2017

A comprehensive review of barriers in Minnesota state policy faced by educators innovating with student-centered learning, and recommendations for removing those barriers.

Seven Principles of Student-Centered Learning & Theory of Change Memo · October 2017

A brief brochure on Education Evolving, including the vision for student-centered learning that guides all our work, and our theory of change to advance that vision.

Education Policy Fellowship Program Web Resource

A nine month fellowship program on state and federal education policy development and leadership, beginning October 2017. Learn more and apply today!

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