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Not Just Consensus: Collaborative Leadership in Teacher-Powered Schools April 20, 2017

Two common misunderstandings about teacher-powered schools are that they do not have principals, and that all decisions are made by the full teacher group coming to consensus. In practice, there is actually a wide variation in the way "collaborative leadership" works. Read here to find out more.

Bush Foundation Kicks Off School Design for Individualized Learning Initiative April 13, 2017

On April 13th, over 120 educators, administrators, and education advocates gathered in St. Paul to learn about the School Design for Individualized Learning initiative, a joint venture of the Bush Foundation and 2Revolutions.

Fifteen States Turn in ESSA Accountability Plans: What Can Minnesota Learn? April 5, 2017

Monday was the first, official deadline for states to submit their ESSA accountability plans. Even though Minnesota did not submit their plan, they can learn from what other states intend to do and, if necessary, make amendments or additions.

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Summaries of States' ESSA Accountability Plans Memo · April 2017

On April 3, 2017, fourteen states and D.C. submitted their draft ESSA state accountability plans. This memo contains one-page summaries of each state's plan, focusing on four primary areas or “big decisions” that ESSA requires each state to address.

EE Co-Founder Receives MAAP "Exemplary" Award Article · February 2017

Ted Kolderie is one of two recipients this year of the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) prestigious "Exemplary Award". Ted received the award at the 34th Annual MAAP Conference last week at the Verizon Center in Mankato.

School District Innovation Hub Web Resource · September 2016

A new section of our website with resources on Minnesota state policies that can help enable school districts to innovate with learning. Includes info on site-governed schools, the new teacher-governed grants program, and more.

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