We advance student-centered learning for all students, by supporting teachers designing and leading schools, and by advocating for policy that catalyzes community-led innovation.

Recent Publications

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Report · May 2021

Highlights from our work in 2020—in the areas of thought leadership, policy advocacy, and educator networks.

Guide · March 2021

A guide for educators who are implementing personalized, competency-based programs and want help navigating Minnesota's laws, regulations, and reporting requirements as they do so.

Report · September 2020

This paper makes the case to grow the teacher-powered movement through a review of academic research and a deep dive on several teacher-powered schools.

Current Initiatives

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EE's policy director is currently serving on Minnesota's standards review committee. We're pushing for the revised standards to be inclusive of more lenses, narratives, and histories—and develop in all students a commitment to the American ideals of liberty and justice.

Advocating for the inclusion of more lenses, narratives, and histories—and a greater focus on American ideals of liberty and justice

A blog series diving deep on the learning practices and success measures schools are using to both respond to Covid-19—and pivot to a more student-centered future as we move beyond it.

A year-long blog series highlighting student-centered innovators in a pandemic—namely, the practices and success indicators they've used

We support a network of teachers who are designing and running schools, to promote student-centered learning and advance the profession of teaching. This includes creating resources, hosting events, providing direct support to teachers, and more.

We support, through resources, convenings, and coaching, a network of teachers designing and running schools