We advance student-centered learning for all students, by supporting teachers designing and leading schools, and by advocating for policy that is open to innovation.

Recent Publications

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Report · March 2019

A guide with reflection questions, conversation starters, and tips and tricks from expert teacher-powered administrators.

Memo · January 2019

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding competency-based education, including a thorough definition of CBE, its advantages over traditional approaches, the role of teachers, and legislation to enable and support CBE.

Report · October 2018

A review of the outcomes that researchers and communities identify as important for student success—and possible strategies for measuring them. Plus, a vision and next steps for educators and policymakers wanting to move forward.

Current Initiatives

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The state rules governing the knowledge and skills that teacher candidates learn are under review. We're advocating to revamp those rules, to better prepare teacher candidates to facilitate equitable, high-quality, student-centered learning experiences.

We're advocating to change state rules governing the knowledge and skills covered in teacher preparation programs

A year-long blog series looking at the causes of—and solutions to—the problem of teacher turnover. We're exploring research and stories on the school cultures, leaders, policies, and other factors that enable talent to thrive.

A blog series exploring the cultures, leaders, and policies that enable great teachers to thrive

We support a network of teachers who are designing and running schools, to promote student-centered learning and advance the profession of teaching. This includes creating resources, hosting events, providing direct support to teachers, and more.

We support—through resources, events, and coaching—a network of teachers designing and running schools