We advance student-centered learning for all young people, by supporting teachers as designers and deciders, and by opening policy to innovation.

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Collaboration, Not Competition: Charter and District Teacher-Powered Schools Share a Common Purpose February 14, 2017

Two teacher guest bloggers recount their experience at the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference and the incredible partnership that is emerging between unionized district schools and charter schools within the teacher-powered network.

Minnesota Considers Private School Tax Credit Amid DeVos Confirmation February 9, 2017

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 51-50 to confirm Betsy DeVos as education secretary, after much debate. A lot of the controversy was due to DeVos' support of school vouchers. Learn more about school vouchers, and how a tax credit proposal active in Minnesota relates to the concept.

At Second National Conference, Momentum Builds for Teacher-Powered Model February 2, 2017

Over the weekend, 275 educators and advocates from 22 states gathered in Los Angeles for the second Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference. Practitioners from both district and charter schools gathered to network and share lessons about how they collaboratively design and run their schools.

Publications & Events

EE Co-Founder Receives MAAP "Exemplary" Award Article · February 2017

Ted Kolderie is one of two recipients this year of the Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP) prestigious "Exemplary Award". Ted received the award at the 34th Annual MAAP Conference last week at the Verizon Center in Mankato.

Event: Introduction to Summit Learning Web Resource · February 2017

Join us Tuesday, Feb. 7th with Silicon Valley-based Summit Learning as they describe their free program to help schools implement personalized learning, and the software they are developing in collaboration with engineers at Facebook that tracks students’ personalized learning plans. Hear from educators participating in a pilot, and about how you can participate.

School District Innovation Hub Web Resource · September 2016

A new section of our website with resources on Minnesota state policies that can help enable school districts to innovate with learning. Includes info on site-governed schools, the new teacher-governed grants program, and more.

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