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Four Dimensions of Innovation, and the Strategy for Scaling It Up May 22, 2017

The word "innovation" is in vogue. But what does it really mean? Read here about the four different dimensions of innovation and how they can be scaled up in K-12 education. This post first appeared on Rick Hess' blog, Straight Up, for Education Week.

Do Minnesota Charters “Skim” the Best Students? Our Analysis Says No May 17, 2017

We analyzed the admission and enrollment applications for 47 Minnesota charter schools in order to determine if the state's charters practice unethical enrollment practices. Our analysis found that overall they do not.

Four Minnesota Charters Recognized for Innovation in 2nd Annual Awards Program May 9, 2017

On May 4th, the Minnesota Association of Charter Schools presented four Minnesota charter schools with awards for their innovative programming. Specifically, the award categories included increased learning opportunities for all pupils, different and innovative teaching methods, different and innovative forms of measuring outcomes, and new forms of accountability for schools

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Competency-Based Education: Lessons from New Hampshire
June 15, 2017 - 4:00pm · More Info »

What if learning were defined in terms "competencies" involving 21st century skills, and students progressed at their own pace as they demonstrated mastery? Join NH Deputy Commissioner, Paul Leather, and Teaching & Learning Director, Ellen Howard-Hume, as they describe what CBE looks like in practice at the school, district, and state level.

'Charter Schools' Is System Change Memo · May 2017

What most people call 'charter schools' is in fact system change. With a new, second, charter sector, public education can be a self-improving system. Success for the district sector might depend on its picking up innovations from the charter sector. Ted Kolderie explains.

Summaries of States' ESSA Accountability Plans Memo · April 2017

On April 3, 2017, fourteen states and D.C. submitted their draft ESSA state accountability plans. This memo contains one-page summaries of each state's plan, focusing on four primary areas or “big decisions” that ESSA requires each state to address.

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