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Why Do Teachers of Color Leave at Higher Rates Than White Teachers? July 10, 2019

When teachers leave the profession it has detrimental effects on students and schools. However, when we dig deeper and look at the data for teachers of color, we find that the problem is exacerbated. Why do teachers of color leave the profession at higher rates than white teachers? To answer this question, we examined national, state, and local data, as well as some Minnesota policy initiatives implemented over the past three decades to try and diversify the state’s teacher workforce.

Teacher Reflections on Being Culturally Responsive June 28, 2019

Letitia Johnson-Davis, an elementary principal in Los Angeles, shares reflections on how their culturally responsive and autonomous school community has engaged and invigorated teachers, and in turn has kept student needs at the center of school design.

Nine Recommendations for Strengthening Minnesota’s Teacher Standards of Effective Practice June 13, 2019

Standards for the core set of teaching knowledge and skills all teacher candidates in Minnesota teacher preparation programs learn are under review. Here we describe nine areas we recommend strengthening or adding when drafting new Standards. These recommendations were developed from extensive stakeholder engagement to reflect the experience and expertise of educators and ensure that teacher candidates are prepared to facilitate equitable, high-quality, student-centered learning experiences for all students.

The Minnesota Education Omnibus Bill is Done. What’s In It? May 23, 2019

We provide an overview of some of the policy provisions that did and didn’t make the cut this legislative session. The list of policies that were not adopted is long and several of them are likely to come up again in the 2020 session.

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EE Seeking Policy Director

We’re looking for a passionate and dedicated person to join our team, full-time, in downtown Saint Paul.

Recommendations for Minnesota's Teacher Standards of Effective Practice Memo · June 2019

Based on extensive stakeholder engagement, EE identified nine areas that we recommend the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board strengthen or add when drafting the new Standards of Effective Practice.

Competency-Based Education FAQ Memo · January 2019

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding competency-based education, including a thorough definition of CBE, its advantages over traditional approaches, the role of teachers, and legislation to enable and support CBE.

Defining and Measuring Student-Centered Outcomes Report · October 2018

A review of the outcomes that researchers and communities identify as important for student success and an overview of the possible strategies for measuring them. And, a cohesive vision and specific next steps for states, learning communities, and students and families wanting to move toward more student-centered outcomes.

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