What We Do

If you were to peer into our organization on a given day, you would most likely find us doing:

  1. Research, Analysis, and Design. We monitor trends in education policy, reflect on and analyze the policies and institutions of public education, and provide original thinking on possible alternative design for them.
  2. Meetings and Convenings. We meet with individuals and convene small and large groups both to test and strengthen our policy ideas, and to persuade others to consider those ideas once they are fully developed.
  3. Communications. We package the ideas developed through our analysis, design, meetings, and convenings into messages intended for a broader audience. We then disseminate those messages over traditional and digital media.
  4. Policy Initiatives. In addition to communicating our ideas to others, we sometimes act to advance our own policy ideas and designs—inside state legislatures, school districts, and other organizations and institutions.
  5. Implementation. From time to time, we support the implementation of our designs for policies and institutions. This support has taken the form of technical assistance, or even incubating and then spinning off new organizations and initiatives.

We group our work in these five areas into a number of initiatives, all in an effort to advance our theory of change.

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