What We Do

If you were to peer into our organization on a given day, you would most likely find us doing:

  1. Networks and Convenings. We meet with and convene networks of innovators so that they can inspire, learn from, and support one another—and so we can listen to their experiences and keep our policy work grounded in reality.
  2. Communications. We tell the inspiring stories of innovators, share useful summaries and analysis, and make the case for our theory of change via digital media, traditional media, and by presenting at events.
  3. Research and Analysis. We monitor trends in education policy, reflect on and analyze the policies and institutions of public education, and provide original thinking on possible alternative design for them.
  4. Policy Initiatives. We design policy strategies, and build coalitions of allies in state legislatures, school districts, and other organizations and institutions to advance specific state and district policy proposals.
  5. Direct Support. From time to time we support teacher teams, schools, districts, and state agencies directly in implementing new policies, leadership structures, and processes for collaborative decision-making.

We group our work in these five areas into a number of initiatives, all in an effort to advance our theory of change.

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