A sampling of our current initiatives includes:

Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative

We're supporting and empowering a growing network of teachers who have secured the autonomy to design and run schools, to promote student-centered learning and advance the profession of teaching. This includes creating resources and guides, hosting workshops, providing direct support to groups of teachers, and more.

Teacher-Powered Minnesota Network

We’re convening a network of the approximately 25 teacher-powered schools in Minnesota, by hosting networking events and speakers, presenting professional development workshops, offering direct support to teacher teams, and more.

Education Policy Fellowship Program

A nine month fellowship program on state and federal policy development, and the leadership that is necessary to influence policy development.

Clearing Policy Barriers to Student-Centered Learning

We’re investigating policy barriers to student-centered learning in Minnesota, through a series of interviews and focus groups with innovators in Minnesota. We published a paper on this topic in October 2017, and will be advocating for the recommendations it proposes in the coming years.

Rethinking Education: A Series Asking Why and How

We're holding regular public events, with speakers primarily from out-of-state, on current education policy topics. Our goal is to enrich the policy discussion in Minnesota, by bringing in fresh ideas and perspectives from other states.

Spotlight on Chartering

We’re covering the Minnesota charter sector on our blog. This includes profiling the innovation occurring in the sector’s schools, looking at the status of the sector on a policy and institutional level, and asserting the strategic importance of the sector in improving public education.

Innovation Inside Districts

We’re helping develop in-district frameworks for giving schools and teachers autonomy, so they can personalize learning and attract students. This includes quarterly convenings of a network of Minnesota superintendents.

Reimagining Teacher Preparation

We’re following up on our 2015 report, by encouraging one or more Minnesota institutions to take up the recommendations within it, and launch a groundbreaking new preparation program.

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