Past Initiative

Teachers have long been identified as the number one in-school factor influencing student outcomes. Conversely, teacher turnover is correlated with lower student outcomes and contributes to school cultures where churn and instability prevent positive change from taking root.

Fortunately, many schools around the country have fostered healthy, positive workplaces where a stable group of great teachers form the bedrock of learning programs where students thrive.

In a series of blog posts published throughout 2019 (see below), Education Evolving presented actionable insights and ideas to inform, inspire, and equip those working at the school, district, and state level to retain and support great talent. Posts included deep on data and analysis, and also featured the perspectives and stories of those impacted by this issue.

This series ran throughout 2019 and has now wrapped up. We are grateful to the McKnight Foundation for their generous financial support for this series.