Thursday, November 16 is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota—a proud fifteen-year tradition of individual giving to nonprofits and schools in the North Star State.

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The past year was a big one for EE. Crucial wins for students and teachers—and progress toward the next ones—happened because of years of building relationships, alliances, and community with you.

Bottom line: We’re asking you to invest in EE to keep this work moving. Your contribution means you share our vision for equitable, student-centered learning; that you’re part of the wins we achieve.

Help us reach our goal of 50 contributions in any amount.

The wins we’re celebrating from the past year:

  • 🛣️ Carved a new licensure pathway for teachers of heritage languages, like Hmong and Somali
  • 🎒 Created new opportunities to learn Ethnic Studies for all MN students
  • 🏁 Saw through 21st-century teacher prep standards rooted in equity
  • 🎟️ Held marquee convenings of leaders in teacher-powered and equitable, student-centered movements
  • 🔖 Published recommendations and research on improving student and teacher experiences in school
  • ✏️ Partnered with student-centered schools

Thank you for your support.