About Education Evolving

Education Evolving is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy analysis, design, and advocacy organization focused on improving American public education.

We seek to turn public education into a self-improving system, which will be the case when policy is designed to enable and encourage innovation, when teachers are designers and deciders of learning experiences, and when schools break from traditional givens. See our theory of change.

Our Work

We look closely at the policies and institutions of public education, and imagine ways in which their design might be improved. When good ideas emerge, we meet with others to test our designs and generate interest. As the ideas take root, we launch communications and policy initiatives to advance them, and then help with their implementation. We usually work first in Minnesota, using the state as a laboratory, before moving nationally.

In recent years, teacher leadership has been a major area of focus for us. We believe that teachers, knowing their students’ unique needs, must be designers and deciders—in schools where they have full authority as a professional group to make the decisions that matter for student and school success.

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Our Legacy

EE’s people have a long history of making change in public education. They helped to write the nation’s first public school choice and charter school laws in Minnesota, and have assisted with such laws in more than 20 other states. They helped bring technology and blended learning to the forefront of the education policy discussion. And, they worked on the structure of the nation’s first formally-organized teacher partnership (i.e. teacher-led) schools.

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