About Education Evolving

Preparing students for a 21st century world, and equitably honoring the potential in all students, will require rethinking the design of learning. Schools must be designed with students at the center.

We are a Minnesota-based nonprofit, nonpartisan organization driving transformational designs for learning, larger professional roles for teachers, and policy environments that enable and encourage innovation.

We work in close partnership with a growing movement of students, educators, families, communities, and policymakers who are boldly leading these transformations.

Vision: Equitable, Student-Centered Learning for All

The one-size-fits-all model of school was never designed to work for all students. Learning must be more relevant to who students are and how they learn. Schools must honor students' unique assets, interests, identities, and aspirations—and be designed with their ideas and voices at the table.

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How to Get There: Our Theory of Change

Improving the design of learning requires new roles for teachers and for policy.

Teachers need agency to work with students to make learning more relevant—and to pass that agency on to students. School decisions must be made closer to students, in particular by teams of teachers who work in close partnership with students, families, and communities.

Policy should work to support innovation led by school communities, rather than mandating changes from the top. This includes clearing barriers, offering support and encouragement for innovation, and providing autonomy for schools and teachers to be the units of change.

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What We Do

In order to advance equitable, student-centered learning our team uses:

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