Competency-Based Education

We believe in learning where students advance by demonstrating mastery of clearly articulated learning objectives, rather than by age, receiving extra support when they struggle and new challenges when they’ve ready to move on.

We are currently advocating for bills (HF2190/SF485) that would create space for public schools to catalyze more equitable, student-centered learning experiences. Importantly, these bills do not mandate schools to implement competency-based education, but rather creates the opportunity for those who are ready.

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Last week, the Minnesota Senate introduced a bill that would explicitly authorize schools and districts to do competency-based education. The bill’s purpose is to create space and opportunity for public schools to catalyze richer, more equitable, student-centered learning experiences. We break down the what and why of competency-based education—what it is and how it departs from conventional school models, and four reasons why it matters.

Competency-based education forms the foundation of schools like Northwest Passage High School and High School for Recording Arts. We spoke to both schools to learn how their models support students for whom traditional approaches have failed.

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