Lars Esdal


Executive Director


Lars Esdal facilitates and provides leadership to Education Evolving’s strategy, program, and partnerships.

He is a graduate of the Minnesota New Country School in rural southwest Minnesota, where he benefited first-hand from the student-centered, teacher-powered education that Education Evolving champions. Lars first became active in education policy as a student advocate, and has been involved ever since.

Before becoming Education Evolving’s executive director, Lars worked as a freelancer for youth-focused organizations, focusing on policy and digital media. He has helped dozens of policy organizations, foundations, and government agencies to develop and distribute ideas, and advance justice and policy change for young people.

Lars holds a Master of Public Policy from Georgetown University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Macalester College. He enjoys cross country skiing with his wife and two young kids (and having something to look forward to in a Minnesota winter), and studying languages.

You can reach Lars at