Revamping Minnesota's Teacher Standards

Standards for the core set of teaching knowledge and skills that all candidates in Minnesota teacher preparation programs learn are under review. This is significant, as the rulemaking process for these "Standards of Effective Practice" is so infrequent; current standards were adopted in 1999 with only a handful of technology standards added ten years later.

Throughout 2019, we explored how Minnesota’s teacher standards could be revised to better prepare teacher candidates to facilitate equitable, high-quality, student-centered learning experiences for all students.

We engaged extensively with stakeholders so that our recommendations would reflect the experience and expertise of educators. We also did a state-by-state review of teaching standards across the U.S.

From this process, we developed a memo outlining recommendations in nine areas, including: equity and diverse learners, positive relationships and student ownership, positive identity development, personalization, collaborating with families, and more.

The rulemaking process for the Standards of Effective Practice will be underway starting fall of 2019 and into 2020. We are and will be advocating for these recommendations with the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, the body responsible for rulemaking with regard to Minnesota’s teaching standards.

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