Standards for the core set of teaching knowledge and skills that all candidates in Minnesota teacher preparation programs learn are under review.

This is significant, as these Standards of Effective Practice (SEPs) are revised so infrequently. Current standards were adopted in 1999 with only a handful of technology standards added ten years later.

Per our memo on the current draft of the SEPs, we are currently advocating for the standards to:

  • Ask teachers to develop skills in reflection on race, priviledge, and bias—and take action based on those reflections
  • Go beyond collaboration and emphasize true teacher leadership
  • Strengthen standards on personalization, differentiation, and student-centered learning
  • Deepen and clarify standards around developing deep, authentic family and community partnerships
  • And expand upon standards supporting overall student wellness, especially for students with special needs

We are and will be advocating for these recommendations with the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB), the body responsible for rulemaking for these standards.