MN teacher standards get a 21st century update

EE helped reshape the standards for teachers to equitably serve all students

April 13, 2023 • Marcus Penny

State standards for what new teachers learn have their first major update since 1999, per new rules effective this week.

At issue

The “Standards of Effective Practice” are the knowledge and skills a teacher needs to demonstrate before they enter the classroom.

  • The new standards sharpen focus on equity and culturally-sustaining teaching practices—pushing teachers to check their own biases.
  • They emphasize belief in students—adapting to meet each learner’s unique assets and needs—and include students, families, and communities in learning design.

Why it matters

Students thrive when teachers are able to see them for who they are, what they’re capable of.

EE gave continuous input to make the standards more student-centered—and our influence is evident in the final record.

What’s next

Teacher prep providers have until July 2025 to implement the new standards.