Current Initiatives

EE's policy director is currently serving on Minnesota's standards review committee. We're pushing for the revised standards to be inclusive of more lenses, narratives, and histories—and develop in all students a commitment to the American ideals of liberty and justice.

Teachers of Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, and other heritage languages currently have no licensure programs or other clear pathways to licensure in Minnesota. We're working to change that.

A blog series diving deep on the learning practices and success measures schools are using to both respond to Covid-19—and pivot to a more student-centered future as we move beyond it.

The state rules governing the knowledge and skills that teacher candidates learn are under review. We're advocating to revamp those rules, to better prepare teacher candidates to facilitate equitable, high-quality, student-centered learning experiences.

We developed, in partnership with our visionary team of Equity Fellows, a new practical guide for educators to design student-learning equitably at their school.

We support a network of teachers who are designing and running schools, to promote student-centered learning and advance the profession of teaching. This includes creating resources, hosting events, providing direct support to teachers, and more.

We believe in learning where students advance by demonstrating mastery of clearly articulated learning objectives, rather than by age, receiving extra support when they struggle and new challenges when they’ve ready to move on.

A year-long blog series looking at the causes of—and solutions to—the problem of teacher turnover. We're exploring research and stories on the school cultures, leaders, policies, and other factors that enable talent to thrive.

We convene a council of educators from schools and districts around Minnesota that are innovating with equitable, student-centered learning. The council meets twice a year to advise EE on our program and policy initiatives—and to learn from and support one another.

We support a network of approximately 25 Minnesota teacher-powered schools, helping them to collaborate and share best-practices. This involves hosting networking events and speakers, presenting professional development workshops, offering direct support to teacher teams, and more.

We can help school teams develop a shared purpose, promote a collaborative culture, create shared decision-making processes, build leadership across the team, and more.

We hold regular public events featuring both local educators and speakers from out-of-state. Our goal is to enrich the conversation on education change in Minnesota by sharing inspiring stories, fresh perspectives, and lessons learned.

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