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About Education Evolving

Education Evolving is a kind of 'design shop,' based in Minnesota but with people in other states, working nationally to help public education with the difficult process of change. Initially we were involved with states on the architecture of the K-12 system. Recently we've been involved in the redesign of schooling.

We are individuals with some experience in public life: in public affairs, in politics, in K-12 and higher education. We work in a kind of virtual organization, through the magic of modern communications. Formally E|E is a project of the Center for Policy Design—a Minnesota based non-partisan, non-profit, 501(c)(3) designated, policy design organization founded in 1982.

Education Evolving . . .

  • FOLLOWS the developments in K-12 education and the policy discussion about public education; in Minnesota, in other states, and at the national level.
  • ASSISTS the evolution of this institution where we can, by analyzing situations and looking for opportunities and leverage-points for change. We try to explain to policymakers why things work the way they do and how incentives can make a difference. We design new arrangements, for the system and for schools, and suggest new ways of coming at problems and opportunities as they present themselves.
  • REPORTS to others about what we see, sharing both our own work and related work we see being done by others. We do this through traditional printed reports, through conferences and informal meetings and increasingly through electronic means, including this Web site and social media.

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