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The Challenge

The industrial-era, one-size-fits-all model of school, where students sit silently in rows of desks and teachers mostly lecture, works okay for some. But it doesn’t equitably serve each and every student, nor adequately prepare them for a changing 21st century world.

The Opportunity

Imagine if learning were more student-centered. Imagine if it equitably honored each student’s unique assets, interests, identities, and aspirations—and was designed with students’ ideas and voices at the table. Picture each student:

  • Getting the personalized support they need to master key academic concepts, fill in gaps in knowledge, and boldly shape their own educational journey;
  • Learning not just within the school day and walls, but solving real-world problems through internships, mentorships, and community service;
  • Developing a deep sense of who they are, and seeing their cultures, backgrounds, and identities represented and celebrated in school.

Our Current Work

We support innovative educators designing schools to be more student-centered. And we advocate for policies that clear barriers, create space, and provide encouragement for the student-centered designs that educators propose.