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Redesigning School

Listening to Student Voices

Students are not commonly seen, and student voices are not commonly heard, in meetings and discussions about K-12 education policy. Yet the adults who control policy, and districts and schools, could learn much from listening to what students say about their experience with school, about their interests and desires for learning—and about what they do and how they learn outside formal school.

For several years now Education|Evolving has been both listening to what students—young people—are saying and opening up new opportunities for them to speak in the education-policy discussion.

In this Student Voices part of our site you can find, in our clearinghouse of what’s offered on other Web sites and in our own publications, students talking about why they quit, about nontraditional learning, about what they think about school size and their relationships with teachers. E|E's own publications connect the opinions of, the feedback from, today's students with some of the major topics in current education policy.

Feature: Students Voices on Video

» Watch and listen to more Student Voices on Video.