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Redesigning School

Most people want school to be better—without it being different.

So efforts at improvement usually just tweak conventional school. Results are limited because the problem is partly one of design. Significant improvement in learning requires redesigning school.

Motivation matters. So school should be designed to make learning relevant to students and personalized to their interests, aptitudes, and pace of learning.

Fortunately, emerging technologies -- virtual tutors, simulations, prerecorded lectures, interactive textbooks, and more -- make personalization possible. Students can pursue topics that fit their interests and abilities, and move on as they develop skills and knowledge. Those struggling can take more time. As a Teacher of the Year used to say: Only individualized learning can leave no child behind.

Teachers can then move away from group instruction, becoming coaches, mentors and tutors.

This section of our site explores the redesign of schooling and learning.

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