Sponsor Network Staff

Bob Wedl, Director

Minnesota Sponsors Assistance Network
555 N. Wabasha, Suite 247
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Phone: 651-207-6602
Cell: 612-501-9606
Fax: 651-789-3098

Cadre of Consultants

In addition, the following consultants are available to provide assistance to current or prospective sponsors. To access these individuals, please contact Bob Wedl at 612-501-9606.

Mary K Boyd
Ms. Boyd was an area superintendent with the St. Paul Schools where she led the development and oversight of the districts alternative schools branch. She provided the educational leadership for the partnership with the Wilder Foundation initiative in St. Paul. Ms. Boyd is a national consultant with a focus on urban education. With the Cadre, she assists sponsors with contract oversight reviews.

Chris Brown
Mr. Brown is the Charter School Coordinator for Augsburg College. He has been a director of a charter school. Mr. Brown assists sponsors develop their written policies and sponsoring procedures.

Nancy Dana
Ms. Dana has extensive experience in education leadership positions. She was a key member of the team in the St. Paul district that developed innovative schools such as EXPO. She has assisted in the development and opening of nine chartered schools in Minnesota. She has served as an adjunct faculty member at Macalester College, Hamline University and the University of St. Thomas. As a Cadre member, she assists sponsors conduct reviews of the schools as well as with data analysis.

David Dudycha
Dr. Dudycha was a senior administrator in the Minneapolis Public Schools where he was instrumental in developing the districts “value added growth model” of site evaluation. He assists sponsors/operators develop the performance indicators to be included in the contract, annual reporting process and the contract renewal.

Bonnie Jean Flom
Ms. Flom was the former Hamline University Charter Liaison. She has experience both as a principal of a district school and a chartered school and as a start-up coordinator for a chartered school. She assists sponsors with application review and oversight.

Wayne Jennings
Dr Jennings has an extensive background in education innovation. He was the first principal of the St. Paul Open School in the 1970’s and was involved in many innovations in that district. He started “Designs for Learning,” a Minnesota company focused on assisting chartered schools. He is an international consultant regarding education reform and is the author of numerous articles and books on new schools. As a Cadre member, Dr. Jennings assists sponsors with contract oversight reviews.

Cindy Lavaroto
Ms. Lavaroto is on the teaching staff at the University of St. Thomas. She was an Assistant Attorney General with the State of Minnesota and an assistant commissioner at the MDE. She is available to review documents and consult on legal matters. She does not function as the sponsor’s attorney however.

Phil LeBeau
Mr. LeBeau led the North Central Association (NCA) in Minnesota both at the MN Department of Education and at the University of Minnesota. He assisted in the NCA transition from an input based model to a process/results model. He has worked extensively with district alternative schools and chartered schools in this process. As a member of the Cadre, Mr. LeBeau assists sponsors with contract oversight reviews.

Dan Parker
Mr. Parker retired from the Stillwater Public Public Schools as its business manager. His extensive experience included providing financial oversight of the charter school sponsored by Stillwater. His services as a Cadre Member include assisting sponsors in their reviews of budgets in applications being considered, audit reviews and financial management system reviews as part of sponsoring oversight.

Justin Testerman
Mr. Testerman is the Charter School Coordinator for Volunteers of America (VOA). He was a charter school specialist at the MDE. He assists sponsors with application eview, contract development and oversight.

Terry Tofte
Dr. Tofte has experience as a superintendent of schools that is a sponsor of chartered schools. He was also the state director of North Central Accreditation (NCA). He assists sponsors develop quality sponsoring processes.

Bob Wedl
Mr. Wedl is a former Minnesota commissioner of education and senior administrator in the Minneapolis Public Schools. He is the director of the Sponsors Assistance Network and is available to provide general direction to sponsors.

Sponsors are asked to contact Bob Wedl to request assistance from the above Cadre members. Call Bob at 612-501-9606.