Learning is personalized for each student


Students are different. They have different interests, aptitudes, abilities, and aspirations. There is no single concept of what achievement looks like for all students. Nor is there a single type of school or learning experience that will be relevant, purposeful, and engaging for all students. In fact, personalization is the only way to create such learning experiences for all students.


Personalization requires understanding the needs of individual students so that learning experiences can be designed appropriately for those needs and, when necessary, adjusted in real time. This is not a process that can be prescribed “from above”. Decisions must be made close to students, in particular by groups of teachers in autonomous schools.

What Will Result?

Schools will meet every student where they are at, giving them targeted interventions where they need extra help, and celebrating successes where they are strong. Learning will become more relevant, purposeful, and engaging for students. When each student gets exactly what they need, stubborn “gaps” in opportunity and achievement between groups of students will begin to close.