Outcomes That Matter

Outcomes That Matter

The Challenge

The data we capture today in education paint only a partial picture of what students need to succeed in college, work, and life. Even our assessments of important academic skills aren’t useful enough for students and educators, and are too narrow in their scope.

The Opportunity

Imagine if we had rich, consistent data on how students and schools are doing—including in areas like critical thinking, social-emotional growth, engagement, and school culture. And imagine if educators and policymakers could more easily access and use that data to help schools improve.

Our Work

We’re working to support and urge schools, districts, and states to rethink the assessments they give, the data points they capture, and how they present clear, actionable information that supports school improvement efforts.

Featured Resources

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ResourceMemo · June 27, 2018June 2018

The School Quality or Student Success (SQ/SS) indicator was one of the most talked about decisions that fell to the states in drafting their new ESSA accountability plans. This memo summarizes the chosen SQ/SS measures for each state.