Kolderie in EdWeek: Reframing the Vergara Debate

June 27, 2014 • Lars Esdal

Ted Kolderie has a guest post this week in an Education Week blog: A Little ‘Lateral Thinking’ Will Answer the Teacher Quality/Accountability Question. He proposes a way out of chronic issues with teachers, unions, and accountability that have been boiling recently, in the wake of the Vergara case.

Kolderie stresses that the solution lies in re-defining the problem and re-thinking the traditional boss/worker arrangement—where teachers are employees managed by administrators. He suggests we shift to a new arrangement where teachers are given the authority to call the shots about learning. Under these new conditions, Kolderie argues that teachers would internalize accountability for the success of their students and schools.

Read more and find out how Kolderie proposes we could get this policy change in motion…