E|E video about K-12 innovation featured on MinnPost

Our recently launched short film, which has now received more than 2,000 views on YouTube, is the subject of an article by MinnPost education writer Beth Hawkins. The video, entitled “A Split Screen Strategy,” features elementary teacher Ananth Pai, his innovative approach to teaching, and the high achievement his students are realizing.

Here are excerpts from Hawkins’ piece:

“Pai’s work brilliantly showcased the potential for some of the ideas currently generating the most buzz in education policy circles: Blended learning, personalized learning, data-driven instruction…

“Pai’s brave experiment is fun to hear about, but the point of the EE video is that organizations resist change. (And the nonprofit is very careful to note that the resistance in this story does not accrue to a school, district or agency; it’s a systemic issue.)…

“The video is well worth a watch, particularly because its point is not that technology will save the day for all. Rather it advocates a ‘Split Screen’ approach, ‘working simultaneously to develop new and different models of school while continuing also to do everything possible to improve the existing schools in the traditional district sector.’…

Click here to view the full article.

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