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EdVisions Cooperative

Student and teacher opinions about school sites served by EdVisions Cooperative

Student opinions can tell us a lot about the effectiveness of schools led by teacher professional partnerships. So we’ve included student perspectives here. For more, you might also peruse the school Web sites, which often feature student opinions about the schools.

The Coolest School in America: How Small Learning Communities Are Changing Everything (pdf), edited by Doug Thomas, Walter Enloe, and Ron Newell

What is the experience of students who attend schools where EdVisions Cooperative offers project-based learning? This study of the graduates of MNCS, a 7-12 charter school that has no formal classes but rather supports student-directed projects, offers students’ perspectives about the school’s effects on students’ project-based skills, individual responsibility, resilience/ persistence skills, reflection skills, and relationship skills.

Avalon Charter School (pdf), excerpt from Positive School Culture, Education/Evolving.

Most of the discussion today about learning in schools is about the teaching in schools. Yet the success of the students might depend as much on the culture of the school, on the relationships among adults and students, as on the curriculum and the pedagogy. In the case of Avalon Charter School, the culture is a byproduct of how the EdVisions Cooperative site team chooses to run the school. Learn more about Avalon and what the students say about what it’s like to attend.

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