Definition of "Teacher Professional Partnership"

And how it relates to teacher autonomy more generally

Teacher autonomy arrangements are about putting the professionals in learning (the teachers) in charge. While there is a spectrum of ways to do this, some groups of teachers formalize as teacher professional partnerships (TPPs). This arrangement is dominant in the professional world: doctors, attorneys and architects all work in partnership, or professional practice, organizations.

You can read more about the TPP arrangement in our Inventory of Schools with Teacher Autonomy. EdVisions Cooperative, profiled here in our inventory, provides a good example of a TPP.

Inventory of Schools

Schools with Teacher Autonomy

Our nationwide inventory

For Us, Teacher Leadership = Teacher-Powered Schools

Our concept of teacher leadership is not about bringing “teacher voice” into a top-down policymaking and management process or giving teachers more “career pathways” within that hierarchical structure.

Instead, we work to move final decision-making authority in schools into the hands of the professionals who know students best—the teachers.

We call schools like these teacher-powered schools.