Lee’s “Documenting of Production” Project

Avalon’s mission is to be a strong, nurturing community that inspires active learning, local action, and global awareness. The learning program is project-based, which empowers students to develop their own learning plans. Students attend few conventional “classroom classes,” spending most of their time working independently and in collaboration with peers (with guidance from their advisor) on their individualized-learning plans. Advisors (teachers) involve students in most decisions related to the school’s functioning, including decisions about school operational and curricular policies. Two students serve on the school’s governing board. The school provides one computer for every two students and a personal workspace for each student. A teacher cooperative manages all aspects of Avalon, including the learning program.

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Reflection & evaluation.

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Example Entry.

About the teacher-advisor

Kevin began as a teacher in Connecticut and continued in Wisconsin. Most recently before Avalon he taught in Minnetonka, MN for a year. He has been at Avalon for five years playing the roles of advisor, Algebra II, US History, and Language Arts teacher.

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