Unsustainable Book Endorsements

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“This book’s … major contribution is a set of new and nontraditional policy ideas. They should get broad and serious attention.”

– Ted Kolderie, from the foreword

“In New York we are running the kind of split screen McDonald describes in this book. It is working for innovation, and we are strengthening it.”

– Eric Nadelstern, Chief Schools Officer, NYC Department of Education

“McDonald recognizes the central importance of innovation in the design of schools and how to combine the best of emerging technologies with time-honored teaching traditions. The right policies are critical to the design of our education systems for the 21st century.”

– Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President, Apple Inc.

“Especially important is McDonald’s appreciation of the need to transform our schools—not simply try to reform them—and his understanding of the value of teachers’ ownership of their enterprise. Let’s build models of school governance, management, and practice on a new foundation of teacher leadership. Ultimately this gives us the blueprint to restructure our system and dismantle the existing bureaucratic hierarchy.”

– John Wright, NEA, Fmr. President Arizona Education Association

“K-12 education in America is about where the telephone industry was in 1990—losing its monopoly on service but stuck in denial. This long overdue book acknowledges how learning on the technology platform is massively disrupting the traditional methods of schooling at the same time as the traditional school economic model is evaporating. In these pages McDonald points to how we can get better results at costs we can afford.”

– Curtis Johnson, Managing Partner, Education|Evolving and co-author of Disrupting Class, 2008 McGraw Hill

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