Teacher-Powered School Site Visit Guide


Guide • May 2018 • By Amy Junge

Visiting another school and spending time talking with their team is one of the best ways to understand the power of shared leadership. We want to ensure the time and money you spend visiting a school is well used. This guide is designed to help your team get the most out of your visit.

If you are hosting another team, thank you for sharing your school! You will find helpful suggestions throughout this guide to ensure the visit goes smoothly, to highlight the innovative teaching and leading at your site, and to provide ways to share your teacher-powered structures and processes.

At first, visiting a teacher-powered school looks similar to visiting any other strong student-centered school. To really understand how those student-centered practices result from teacher-powered governance, you need to spend time asking questions about the school’s structures and processes related to decision-making and autonomies. This guide will help you organize your visit, collect and process the information you hear, and take your observations and new knowledge back to your other team members to design or improve your own school.