Resource Libraries on Student-Centered Learning

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Resource Collection • December 2018

We have collected the following list of links to external resource libraries that may be helpful to educators designing and implementing student-centered learning. Education Evolving is not responsible for content on external links. See also our “greatest hits” list of top specific resources.

The Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, a project of Education Evolving, has a vast list of resources on collaborative teacher governance, distributed leadership, and school design including research, articles, and sample documents from real schools across the country.
Edutopia has resources to help educators implement elements of student-centered learning such as social and emotional learning, integrated/multidisciplinary studies, and project-based learning. In particular, be sure to check out their inspiring video library.
KnowledgeWorks has a large library of resources, white papers, infographics, and case studies. Their particular strength are publications about change management and systemic transformation.
Students at the Center Hub, a project of Jobs For the Future, is a collection of sample resources, case studies, research, and more. In particular, check out their toolkit for communicating with families and communities about student-centered learning.
Getting Smart has many tools and research on both competency-based learning, blended learning, and personalized learning. They do an excellent job of tracking and profiling cutting edge innovations around the country.
EdSurge has an extensive catalog of education software information and reviews, broken down by category. The site is particularly helpful when you’re shopping for new software for a particular purpose.
Next Generation Learning Challenges invests in schools and initiatives that advance learning redesign. They also have a collection of great resources, in particular their Next Gen Tools and Practitioner’s Guide sections.
MyWays, an initiative of Next Generation Learning Challenges, is a go-to place for resources on defining and measuring student success in accordance with your school and community values. They’ve developed a large bank of helpful tools.
CASEL is a Chicago-based consortium of schools and researchers dedicated social and emotional learning (SEL). Their resource library is a go-to place among SEL practitioners; see in particular the implementation tools & resources section.
The Coalition for Community Schools has an easily searchable list of resources for implementing a “community schools” model, namely whole child, wraparound services. They have an extensive set of frameworks, guides, and research.
The Nellie Mae Education Foundation has numerous resources on student-centered learning and competency-based learning. Their work tends more towards reports and publications, less tools and case studies.
Blended Learning Universe (i.e. BLU_), a project of the Christensen Institute, has a directory of profiles of schools implementing personalized, blended learning—including the software they use. They also have a helpful roadmap to use in designing a blended learning environment.
While iNACOL was founded with a focus on online learning and blended learning, it has increasingly developed publications and resources on personalized, competency, and student-centered learning. Many of their resources have a policy focus.
2Revolutions is spearheading an Open Content Initiative, through which they’ve compiled a set of excellent educator learning progressions, playlists, and courses on a number of topics. See also their online community, Inspired, for additional resources.