Discussion Starters: Lessons from the Innovators

Resource Collection • October 2015 • By , Center for Teaching Quality with Education Evolving

These eight Discussion Starters are designed for teacher teams who are working through creating or improving a teacher-powered school. Offering lessons learned and tips from the innovators of existing teacher-powered schools, these starters are interactive resources featuring sets of discussion questions for teacher teams to take up as a group.

We suggest you work through the guides in the order they are presented below. We have also integrated them into the Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School Guide, at the stages and steps when they will be most useful to teams. Together, the Steps Guide and the Discussion Starters help teacher teams discover the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and processes they will need in order to successfully design and run their teacher-powered schools.

In addition to downloading the starters at the link below, you can purchase hard copies on Amazon.

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