Teacher-Powered Minnesota Network

Teacher-Powered Minnesota Network

The Teacher-Powered Schools Minnesota Network is a regional network convened by Education Evolving, as part of the national Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative.

Minnesota Network Activities

There are approximately 25 teacher-powered schools in Minnesota. Our work with these teacher teams includes:

  • helping to weave a peer learning network of teacher-powered practitioners,
  • hosting public events and guest speakers,
  • facilitating professional development workshops,
  • offering direct support to teacher teams, and more.

Professional Learning Offerings

While we make numerous resources, events, and peer learning opportunities available free of charge on teacherpowered.org, we also provide services directly to schools and teacher teams. Our area of expertise is collaborative leadership and shared decision-making structures in schools.

We have researched and interviewed over 110 teacher-powered schools around the country, and have directly assisted dozens of them in designing and running their programs. We can provide perspectives and ideas about how other teams have worked through common issues.

About Workshops & Other Offerings

Teacher-Governed Grantees

In 2016, the Minnesota Legislature created the teacher-governed schools grant program. It gives teacher teams inside Minnesota school districts the opportunity to design new learning programs and leadership structures to better serve student needs. We have created a specific set of programming for these teams.

About Teacher-Governed Opportunities

Get Involved

We love connecting with teacher teams in teacher-powered schools, and those who aspire to be. For more information, contact Alex Vitrella at alex@educationevolving.org.