Our statement on yesterday’s verdict

April 21, 2021 •

Photo by Lorie Shaull

Some said yesterday that the “system finally worked,” that justice was served.

But the system does not work. In the time since George Floyd’s murder how many other Black lives have been lost? A system that works is not one that serves one murder conviction in 2000 cases, but one in which no lives are lost.

While our community breathes a sigh of relief, we do so with guarded hope. Because we’re a part of that system. Institutional racism is not unique to policing but a persistent menace in society and especially in education. We’re committed to dismantling that system, and building an equitable, student-centered future for our young people.

We need to ask now: how are we talking to children about this pain and sadness, in our homes and in our schools? And perhaps more importantly: how are we cultivating their joy and honoring their humanity?

Today we still mourn for George Floyd.

And Daunte Wright. And Philando Castile. And Jamar Clark.

And we keep moving. For our children, and for their future.

The Education Evolving Team,
Alex, Amy, Carly, Danyika, Lars & Marcus