E|E response to proposed federal charter grant regulations

January 15, 2015 • Ted Kolderie

There is now a live question what priorities the U.S. Department of Education should use in its program of grants to the states for the start-up of new schools in the states’ chartered sector of public education.

The Department put out a proposal for comment. Education Evolving’s response was not to the specifics in the draft; was general with respect to the policy questions involved.

Essentially we urged that the national government respect and conform to the state’s decisions about what it wants its chartered sector, their schools, to be.

That would be consistent, we noted, with the decision by the Department and the Congress in creating the first program of support for new schools in 1994 . . . when the decision was to accept state policy decisions about what entities would be eligible to start a school and what entities would be eligible to authorize a school.

See the text of the E|E response here.