Announcing the release of Trusting Teachers with School Success

October 16, 2012 • Kim Farris-Berg

Today is a very special day for Education Evolving. We are delighted to announce today’s release of Trusting Teachers with School Success, a book that confronts the status quo of K-12 education. Authored by Education Evolving associates Kim Farris-Berg and Edward Dirkswager, the book depicts how schools could be improved if we trusted teachers to call the shots, not only in individual classrooms, but to collectively make the decisions influencing whole school success.

Trusting Teachers with School Success uses real life examples to show what happens when we trust teachers. The book also highlights the practices that are embraced by autonomous teachers, and offers implementation strategies for those who want to support teacher autonomy.

Trusting Teachers with School Success offers a significant departure from the standard academic literature about the role of teachers in education, yet it is abundantly endorsed by experts from a diverse range of education backgrounds. To order the book and receive a 20% discount, click here.