Ted Kolderie receives ECS James Bryant Conant award

July 5, 2011 •

Ted Kolderie, a founder of Education|Evolving, is the recipient of this year’s James Bryant Conant Award from the Education Commission of the States (ECS) for his work to develop the chartered schools sector in public education.

In responding July 7th at the ECS annual National Forum on Education Policy in Denver he will set out the case for using the charter sector now to innovate with approaches to learning, forms of school organization and a broader definition of achievement.

More on the award here, from the official ECS press release:

A short paper Kolderie wrote in 1990, “The States Will Have To Withdraw the Exclusive,” though not the first publication about chartering, is regarded by many as the founding document of the contemporary charter movement. Since then he has worked with legislators and citizens on the design and improvement of charter legislation in more than 25 states including California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“Ted Kolderie was and is a critical player in the charter school reform movement. For over thirty years he has shared his knowledge and innovative ideas with legislators and education leaders around the country to help them think about the strategy for system change,” said ECS President Roger Sampson.