New book argues today’s system of K-12 is not sustainable

March 2, 2011 •

Federal stimulus funding for K-12 has created an impression that schools are suffering today because of the economic downturn. This is true. But the downturn is not the principle reason for their financial pains.

For decades education expenditures have outpaced economic growth, and governments have increased spending to match. In recent years this has become less possible, because of the Great Recession and because of growing claims from other public services such as health care and social security.

UNSUSTAINABLE: A Strategy for Making Public Schooling More Productive, Effective, and Affordable is a new book released this month, by Education|Evolving associate Tim McDonald. In the book, McDonald applies Education|Evolving’s approach of rethinking the structure and incentives of school systems, to propose a strategy for addressing cost and effectiveness issues in K-12.
Timely and well-argued, it is essential reading for those in public and private life that recognize the central role of strategy to accomplish the aspirations of American public education.

Read more about the book on the E|E website.