How to bring “digital” into K-12

February 7, 2011 •

Boards and superintendents, legislators and governors are about to feel the big push for “Digital Learning Now”.

This will appeal. ‘Digital’ carries the potential to improve learning; personalizing work so that students who need more time get more time and so that those who can move faster do move faster. It carries the potential also to help deal with the economic unsustainability of the current concept of school — in which the only worker is the teacher.

But . . .

Going digital will be a challenge. Personalization implies radical changes in teaching and in learning. Bringing ‘digital’ into mainstream school will disrupt the traditional model of course-and-class with its technology of teacher-instruction.

How can districts, policymakers, carry out so radical a change . . .

A change to what you see in the report cover photo?

This latest strategy paper from Education|Evolving says: by getting outside the concept of ‘classroom’ and by creating a user-driven system, with the school the ‘user’.

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