New chapter of ‘Disrupting Class’ on Student Motivation available for free downloading

September 22, 2010 •

Two years ago, E|E’s managing partner Curt Johnson co-authored a book that explains the accelerating pace of change in K-12. Now, Johnson and co-authors Clayton Christensen and Michael Horn have published a second edition ofDisrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns.”

The second edition includes a new chapter on increasing student motivation—a centerpiece of E|E strategies for improving student learning. Titled “Rethinking Student Motivation,” the new chapter describes how educators can better motivate students through the “jobs to be done” concept pioneered by co-author and Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen.

(formatted as a white paper)

The authors assert that schools—just like businesses serving customers—must determine what “jobs” students are trying to accomplish, including, “What jobs might students hire their schools to do?” Part of the answer, the authors argue, is enabling students to meet their core expectations through project-based learning, computer-based learning and other innovations.

The new edition of “Disrupting Class,” can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Or download, at no charge, the new chapter on student motivation.