Learning math and languages, live and personalized

August 9, 2010 •

Languages and math are two areas where technology is evolving to enable effective learning without a teacher, such as Rosetta Stone and School of One. And, to connect students directly with expert teachers or peers of the language they are trying to learn, such as with Live Mocha. There is enormous potential for personalization, particularly with cooperation among students.

This article from the New York Times describes the evolution of language learning online, and using games to help students learn where they are already attracted, such as Facebook. It describes collaborative learning online, where students tutor one another.

Both of these areas are growth opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning, whether as part of the school framework or pursued on one’s own. And, colleges may be willing to accept credit from established language and math providers even if the work is done outside of the high school school curriculum.

Image: Live Mocha