Kauffman Labs Seeks Founders of Education Enterprises

July 23, 2010 •

We’ve been hearing from some of our readers who are themselves innovators and could use some technical support on the “how to’s” of entrepreneurship to bring their work to scale. So when we saw this opportunity from the Kauffman Foundation; we sensed this was the kind of thing we ought to pass along.

Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation is seeking founders of high-growth, scalable education enterprises; entrepreneurs ready to startup – passionate, disruptive, driven leaders eager to change the world of education.

The selection process will be fiercely competitive, and with good reason. Founders chosen for this opportunity will receive up to six months of intensive, practical training and personalized support. They’ll learn about everything from funding to marketing, brand-building to creating a board of directors. And they’ll be compensated for their time.

Applicants may be individual entrepreneurs or teams of up to three people. Businesses from concept through young startup are eligible if they offer a product or service to help people learn, directly or indirectly, and could change the face of education.

Visit the Kauffman Labs Web site to find out more about this program, if you are interested, apply for it – online only: the deadline is Sept. 20, 2010. Go to the Web site for information about teleconferences for interested applicants.