Using technology to personalize learning in math

June 28, 2010 •

These two articles from the Dallas Morning News explain Reasoning Mind, a program for teaching math that aims to personalize learning while increasing the interest and motivation of students, and changing the role of teacher from presenting information to guiding and tutoring.

The program individualizes pace and uses artificial intelligence to respond to student performance in real time. Problems come with step-by-step tutorials, and interactive exercises. Its founder argues that in one semester the program has shown to elevate the math scores of those in the school’s predominantly Hispanic school with top scores in the city.

The reporter cites Disrupting Class, the book by Clayton Christensen on the coming role of technology in remaking learning (whether we ‘let’ it or not!). This is an example of Christensen’s theory in action. A school is taking up new technologies and applying them in an innovative way to improve learning and the productivity of the teacher.

Reasoning Mind Program Multiplying Successes

Program Adds up to Math Success in Schools

Image: Reasoning Mind