A Strategy for Innovation-based Systemic Reform

June 14, 2010 •

Education|Evolving’s new strategy paper Innovation-based Systemic Reform urges policy makers, in revising ESEA, to think of strategy as a ‘split screen.’ The only realistic approach is to pursue our differing goals at the same time. K-12 education must improve both its performance and its economics. It must work concurrently for equity and for excellence. It must improve traditional school while encouraging innovation beyond traditional school.

The key idea is to let education change as other systems change. That is: For new models using new technologies to appear and to run alongside the traditional, with policy pursuing different goals simultaneously. It is the concept of a ‘split screen.’

Please have a look, and tell us if you agree. Most important: Tell us what you’d suggest, to get this strategy adopted in the states and at the national level.

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