Leaders from district innovation zones come to national meeting

June 16, 2010 •

The concept of cities and states setting up innovation zones—separate space for innovation—is taking root. The movement has been picking up speed, actually, with remarkable consistency across the country. If you haven’t already, browse the pages we’ve put together describing what’s happening zone-by-zone.

Last June E|E hosted a two-day gathering of folks from these zones in St. Paul, MN. Participants included teachers and union officials, district officials, some researchers, and policy makers. We learned that for those engaged in the work of innovating there are certain conditions that they all find necessary to be able to change.

Find notes from the meeting, here.

On Friday Paul Hill will write on some of his thoughts. Mr. Hill, from the Center for Reinventing Public Education in Washington state, is following this movement closely. Tune in for that, and leave a comment about what’s happening in your school district.

*Image: Whiteboard of discussions