Where National Education Policy Goes Next

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December 11, 2012

New Paper: Where National Education Policy Goes Next

We sense a growing, spreading, desire to re-think the strategy for education -- both the 'what' of school and the 'how' of change.

We've just released a new paper, which proposes a new and different 'theory of action'.

We do need very different schools, and approaches to learning. But, being practical, we can't vote-in radical change. Rather, we need to arrange for K-12 to change the way successful systems change. Through innovation.

I hope you will look at the paper, and send me your reaction -- ted@educationevolving.org.

We'll be sending soon a second paper explaining how to organize the 'innovation' side of this strategy; explaining also how and why chartering lost its initial focus on innovation.

Ted Kolderie

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