Teacher-Powered Leaders Meet With Secretary King

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June 6, 2016

Teacher-Powered Leaders Meet With Secretary King

Photo credit: U.S. Department of Education on Flickr.

On May 18, Jeff Austin and Taryn Snyder, two of the teacher ambassadors Education Evolving supports as part of the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, sat down for tea with U.S. Secretary of Education, John King to discuss teacher leadership. As Jeff wrote in a piece for the USDE Homeroom Blog, “ESSA gives us the opportunity to move forward on building schools that are more teacher-powered, more community-focused, and thus more adaptive to student needs.”

Minnesota Legislature Creates Teacher-Powered Schools Grant Program

On June 1, Governor Dayton signed HF 2749 into law—a supplementary appropriations bill that included $500,000 for grants to groups of teachers to design and plan “teacher-governed” schools within school districts. The bill was championed by Education Evolving and a coalition of organizations including the teachers union locals in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and Lakeville, and the Center for School Change.

Our Minnesota Charter Sector Coverage Has Begun

Our blog series covering the innovation occurring in the charter sector’s schools, the status of the sector on a policy and institutional level, and the strategic importance of the sector in improving public education has begun. Posts thus far have:

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