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June 17, 2010

Just last week we launched a blog. We invite you to grab your favorite blog-reading snack and click below for some fresh thinking on getting beyond ‘traditional school’.

Education Innovating Blog

The Education Innovating Blog follows a growing movement of innovation in public education that is generating new models of schools, different approaches to learning, and expanding traditional definitions of achievement.

Most everyone, when talking of improvement, takes the existing form and function of schools and education systems as a given. We, Education|Evolving, question: Can the country meet its goals with this commitment to traditional definitions of school and achievement?

Some state legislatures and school districts are encouraging the creation of schools that are independent, innovative, and self-directed, held accountable for results instead of compliance. And school leaders are taking advantage of these frameworks to improve schooling by doing it differently.

Lynn Nordgren interview video thumbnail
In Friday's post Lynn Nordgren, President of the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, talks about the importance of autonomy for teacher professionalism, and motivation.

This blog will shine a light on what is occurring inside these innovation zones in terms of policy and practice. How are cities and states innovating in teaching and learning while at the same time working to improve traditional schools? And what innovations are we seeing emerge in the roles of teachers, unions, and administration? In learning programs, in assessment, and in financing?

The blog at EducationInnovating.org, and its parent site EducationEvolving.org are places where ideas about how best to evolve this large and vital system can be documented, discussed, and learned from.

Come join in. We look forward to learning from you!


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