Education Evolving launches a blog: Education How

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September 6, 2012

We at Education Evolving have decided to start a blog.

Until now we’ve mostly worked quietly. We've been the driving force behind some important policy innovations, enacted first in Minnesota and which have spread around the country. For a long time we been writing books and papers. For a long time we’ve been connecting new people and new ideas. But, all behind the scenes.

Now we think we can make a greater contribution by speaking more openly, more often, and more pointedly.

You might ask: Why another blog about education? What do you have to say that others don't already say?

Fair enough.

Our blog will focus on the question of “How?” Much of the discussion elsewhere endlessly deplores the problems and reaffirms the goals. But the important question is: How do we get it done?

We will ask and answer that question.

You’ll read our ideas on restructuring the system, professionalizing teachers, creating an innovation sector in K-12, broadening definitions of student achievement, individualizing learning, and much more.

The "comments" feature on our blog is open to all. We welcome your participation!

The blog is at

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