Collaborative Leadership & Teacher-Powered Schools

Collaborative Leadership & Teacher-Powered Schools

The Challenge

Student engagement and learning are directly influenced by school culture and climate. Schools with rigid hierarchy, top-down mandates, toxic relationships, and low levels of trust are not conducive to student success—nor do they tap the full potential of the educators who work there.

To unleash the full potential and expertise of educators, and make teaching a career that will attract and retain top talent, we need to change the ways schools are run, and the cultural norms on which they operate. Teachers must have much larger professional roles in designing, leading, and making decisions in schools collaboratively with their teams.

Our Work to Address It

We’re working to connect and support educators who are reimagining school governance, and designing running and schools collaboratively as teams. This work includes hosting events, coaching teams, putting on workshops, and national conferences. It also includes advocating for policy change that enables and encourages these governance arrangements.