Equity Fellowship

Education Evolving is seeking applicants to participate in a one-year Equity Fellowship.

We are witnessing an historic uprising locally and across the country. The institutional bias, racism, and resulting disparities that plague Minnesota have earned national audience with the recent murder of George Floyd. As most educators understand too well, this legacy of injustice reaches into our schools and communities—affecting how Black, Brown, and Indigenous students experience education. The move to distance learning in response to Covid-19 has only put these long-standing educational inequities into sharper focus.

We cannot address these challenges without a student-centered lens.

EE is seeking applicants to help create a guide for educators looking to center equity more deliberately in their educational practice and school designs. Fellows will also be invited to shape our policy agenda as members of EE’s Student-Centered Learning Policy Advisory Council.

Ideal applicants are accomplished educators from Minnesota (though we will consider applicants from other states) with expertise in successfully designing student-centered environments for educational equity. The fellowship is designed for those who have expanded on their own personal values for equity and provided leadership in this area to their teams and school communities. Educators will receive a $1000 stipend for their participation.

Apply to be a Fellow (deadline June 29)
Questions? Please contact Danyika Leonard at danyika@educationevolving.org.

About the equity guide project

In 2017, EE developed seven principles of student-centered learning—with equity held at the heart of each. The new guide will help educators understand, interpret, and implement these principles to achieve equitable learning.

Fellows and EE staff will meet virtually, for one hour, about once a week for seven weeks from July 6 through August 21. Ahead of each virtual discussion, EE will share prompts on topics relevant to equitable, student-centered learning and Fellows will submit written responses (total time commitment approximately two hours per week).

In the fall, EE will compile Fellows’ written responses and records of virtual discussions to inform a draft of a guide for educators—focusing on best practices, questions to consider, and ideas to try. In the winter, Fellows will give feedback on the draft and approve the final version before publication.

About the Policy Advisory Council

Fellows will also be invited to join EE's Student-Centered Leadership Policy Advisory Council to help shape our policy agenda for the 2021 legislative session.

The Policy Advisory Council will meet two times for approximately two hours: once in late fall, to develop and refine EE’s legislative agenda and policy priorities for the upcoming session; and again in late spring 2021, to review what happened during the session and what barriers Council members faced during the academic year.

EE will use what we learn at these meetings to inform our policy agenda moving forward.


We value your time and expertise. Each Fellow will be given a $1000 stipend for your contribution to the equity guide project. We understand there is a lot of uncertainty right now, and ask that you please try to commit to the time required in July and August if you are selected.

Deadline to apply is June 29. Applicants will be notified by July 1.

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