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October 2, 2012

Originally published in Education Week September 25, 2012, Vol. 32, Issue 05.

Last month, in his much-lauded speech to the Republican National Convention, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made "we believe in teachers" one of his central themes. This prompts the questions: What does it mean to believe in teachers? And, do we?


September 11, 2012 · By Ted Kolderie

Twenty years ago the modal American teacher was a teacher in his/her 15th year of teaching.

Today the modal teacher is one in her first year of teaching.

This -- stunning -- statistic comes from data Richard Ingersoll and his associates have pulled from the Schools and Staffing Survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics.

All this is elaborated in a paper given to the American Education Research Association in 2012, and -- in shorter form -- in an article in The...