Blog posts from October 2017

October 26, 2017 · By Krista Kaput

On Tuesday, the Innovation Research Zone Advisory Panel met for the first time to discuss the Innovation Research Zone application, which was released in mid-September, and the application rubric, which the Panel will be working on and releasing in late November. According to Jennifer Nelson, Director of State Library Services for the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), the intent of the rubric is to provide more detailed information for applicants about what the Panel will be looking for when they are reviewing the applications...

October 5, 2017

This blog was written by the Education Evolving Team

It’s a busy and exciting time at Education Evolving. The last year and a half have brought a number of changes: we’ve added new faces to our team and a new executive director as our founding generation steps back from the daily work, welcomed new board members, and formally became our own independent nonprofit organization.

With all these recent changes, we were intentional about making 2017 a year of reflection. This week we are proud to unveil the results of that work, including a new vision for student-centered...